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👢Cowgirl Boot Fit Guide Q&A 👢

Having questions about the Fit?

The questions or issues you might have are common in western boots and especially new boots. Sometimes the instep (top of your foot) is snug and the boot will not let you slide your foot in easily. There are a couple of tips we have had success with that alleviate this issue. (Cinderella’s step-sisters would have appreciated this tip) Take the plastic bag the boots came in and use one over a slightly damp sock. The bag will help your foot slip into the boot much easier- We have seen this work on almost everyone with a high instep. Then with your foot still in the boot, pull the bag out of your boot. The slightly damp sox will help quickly stretch out any snug areas, to become more of a custom fit. Every time you wear the boots they become more and more comfortable. Many people tell us they are very comfortable right out of the box. But just wait until wearing them 2-3 times, you will think they were custom made just for you. This is due to our high quality leather.


If your boots are snug in any area of the foot, put some warm water on your sox where the boot would be snug.  With the water and wearing the boots any snug spots will quickly loosen up to a comfortable fit.  Each time you wear them they will improve to a custom fit after 2-3 days. If they are really tight to the point of hurting you will need to exchange for a bigger size.  You also don’t want your foot to feel like it’s moving around to much in the boot- 

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email at Howdy@lacyboots.com and we will help you with any other issues. Go on and be your Cinderella self~


Additional tips 👢


If you have a very high instep you can wear boots with a slightly damp sox or get an instep boot stretcher from Amazon for a very reasonable price. Make sure to get one for boots and the one that works on the instep.


The ball of your foot should fit in between the widest part of the boot. Check that the ball of your foot is in the proper place. If your toes are too far forward into to the front of the boot, then the boot is likely too short.


A boot should slip a little in the heel when new. When you start wearing a new boot, the new leather can take a few days to stretch, which will eventually result in a more comfortable, custom fit. The heel will slip less after more wear.


Your toes do not have to come near the end of the boot. Some find a fingers width between toes and end of boot, which does not effect comfort. This gives your toes more room.


As with the boot stretching on snug spots the calf area will do the same. If your boot is snug, put some warm water on a tall boot sox around the calf area and the boot will stretch out more with each wear. After 2-3 days they should be very comfortable. If the boot is tight to point of hurting you will need a bigger calf size. Please measure your calf before ordering. If your .5” bigger than one of the boot calf widths, you can still order the one closest to your calf measurement if you like a closer fitting boot as they stretch very nicely to again be a custom fit. If you have questions on which size to order feel free to email us.

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