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Teena Lacy and Deena Lacy Nossaman founded Lacy Boots and have been barrel racing for 20 years. They grew up in Colorado and watched their state champion aunt, Jeanie, barrel race while they were young and wanted to be just like her! (They blame their obsession with horses and barrel racing on her!) The Lacy sisters are all too familiar with the injuries caused by the extreme sport and have created boots to protect your shins from metal barrels and other impact injuries from riding horses.

Lacy Boots took 3 years to develop from multiple trips across the globe. They wanted to combine extreme comfort and beautiful, unique design into Lacy Boots. Lacy Boots is constantly looking for innovative ways to make these boots your favorite boots you have ever worn. Keep an eye out for new colors, patterns, prints, and designs coming soon.

Along with protection from barrel hits, customers have relayed a host of other ways Lacy Boots protect their legs. From fences and cattle horns in the sorting pen to rocks and trees in the mountains on trails to colt starting, the very thin, high-tech impact dispersal material helps soften the blow and keeps your mind on the task in front of you. These highly technical boots are also extremely comfortable with the XRD Xtreme Impact Protection insole included with every purchase. These insoles absorb impact to your feet on hard surfaces from walking and riding, reducing fatigue. Needless to say, these boots are gorgeous, and with the added XRD® Extreme Impact Protection for your shins, they are what a lot of Cowgirls have been looking for.

Along with protection for your legs, Lacy Boots wanted to make apparel to help keep you cool when the competition heats up! Look for many beautiful, modern, and traditional prints in the Cool Cowgirl™ line of shirts with perforated cooling technology in a very soft, 4-way stretch material.

Lacy Boots have been voted the most comfortable boots on the market by numerous retail outlets! We have many people tell us they work in these boots on hard surfaces all day and their feet feel great till the end of the day. We get so many emails about the comfort that we need to start posting them on a BLOG! So go out and get yourself some and see what all the talk is about. 




Randee Prindle - Professional Trainer/Rider

Shout out to Lacy Boots!  I got a pair a couple days ago and LOVE them!  I walked all over in them and they are so comfortable.  The best part is they have built in shin guard protection for all of us barrel racers!  So if you're in the market for another pair of boots, seriously go check them out and try a pair on you'll be glad you did!


Lacy Boots, LLC
Parker, CO 80138
Monday - Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
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